Gary A. Belaga, M.D.
is a board certified neurologist Specializing in Headache Evaluation and Treatment.

Dr. Belaga has a special interest in the evaluation and management of migraine and migraine variants, cluster headache and trigeminal autonomic cephalgias, chronic daily headache and other primary headache disorders.

Dr. Belaga’s clinical interests include movement disorders, having trained under Dr. Michael Aminoff in 2002 at the University of California at San Francisco in the use of Botulinum Neurotoxin (Botox) Therapeutic for neurological disorders.

For Your Convenience

Patients can go to the on-site laboratory drawing station at the 4th floor, Suite #400 of the same building. They draw your blood and collect other specimens in an anxiety-free environment. 

Testing is convenient and completely confidential, and we’ll send you an interpreted copy of your results via email within days.

Prescription Renewals

Often, you don’t need a doctor’s visit to renew a prescription. Spare yourself a needless trip to the doctor’s office by emailing us at

We require that you come in for a follow up visit every 3-6 months so that we can monitor your progress, and evaluate your needs for prescription refills.

It is important that you inform us of new updates of your phone number, home address and insurance information by calling 415-641-6223 or email us at

Same Day Appointments

We accomodate your doctor’s consultation to fit your schedule. Email us at or call 415-641-6223 and we will give you the available time that works for you. No “Walk Ins” please. 

We require 24 hours notice for cancellation or re-scheduling of your appointments so we may accommodate other patients in the waiting list.
Thank you.

Payment Policy

We accept almost all PPO insurances, Hills Physicians Medical Group (HMO), and Medicare. We require co-payments at the time services are rendered. New patients, be sure to have your health insurance card and a picture ID when you come in for your appointment.

We accept payment by cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and ATM debit cards.

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